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Our tool range specialises in the automotive sector and our products are available through automotive wholesale outlets, motor factors, independent retailers, hardware stores and van sales. All our brands are well known worldwide and acclaimed for their quality, real value for money and backed up by a technical service that is second to none.

The Tool Connection is the UK’s most exciting and innovative tool company, distributing high quality tools through their Laser Tools, Kamasa, Gunson, Power-TEC and Connect Workshop Consumables brands. The company exports to over 60 countries world-wide and also designs, develops and produces special tools at their manufacturing plant in Sheffield. Working closely with vehicle manufacturers ensures that The Tool Connection are first to market with specialist vehicle solutions for modern motor vehicles.

Exporting also began in the late 1980s and since then The Tool Connection has expanded to cover much more of Europe including Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, the Republic of Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Tunisia in North Africa.

In line with our policy of commitment to constantly update our tool range with new and innovative products, additional well-known brands have been acquired — these brands include Kamasa (2003), Gunson (2005) and more recently Power-TEC (October 2010) — which enables The Tool Connection to offer products across all automotive sectors.

The purchase of Eldon Tool and Engineering in 2008 enabled The Tool Connection to protect its supply of tools and also design and manufacture bespoke tools in Sheffield. Eldon has enjoyed massive investment from the parent company in recent years — this decision has led to the business becoming the leader in its field, a position we are determined to maintain.

In 2012 we launched the Connect Workshop Consumables brand, offering a truly comprehensive range of workshop consumables suitable for businesses and tradesmen of all disciplines. Connect Workshop Consumables is also in the unique position of being able to constantly update and complement the consumables choice with items sourced from existing Tool Connection brands, offering a service and variety of consumables product that has not been seen before in the workshop consumables market in the UK.

The Tool Connection’s showroom and Tech Centre facility makes available an impressive range of services that are offered to the company’s customers including a fully stocked showroom, conference centre and technical demonstration area. The adjacent Tech Centre is where the company’s research, development, product testing and product-video filming take place.

The facility is used by the Tool Connection’s customers in a variety of ways: it is a conference centre, and the Warwickshire address makes it the ideal central location for national and regional sales and management meetings. Technical training: new tools and products can be explained and demonstrated to members of the sales force giving them an understanding and firm technical knowledge of the tools that they sell. Anything from a brake caliper rewind tool, to an engine timing tool kit for the latest 2017 Range Rover Evoque are demonstrated on the actual vehicle or engine. Increasingly, demonstrations and training seminars on electric and hybrid vehicles are proving popular, as factors are keen gain the knowledge to advise their staff and customers on the latest developments in this field. Factors can then explain to workshop owners just what is required to set up a dedicated safe working area for high voltage vehicles, with all the equipment necessary available from Laser Tools’ extensive range of insulated tools and workshop safety equipment.

Bodyshop equipment suppliers and factors are catered for also — full blown bodywork repairs are carried out using the latest of Power-TEC equipment.

We have an in-house design agency that produces all the artwork for product packaging and signage, promotional and marketing material, livery for the tech-van fleet and Laser Tools Racing sponsored vehicles, and also offers bespoke literature for our customers.

The Tool Connection Film Unit was established in 2011 and all product and motorsport videos are filmed at the Tech Centre and on location. The results can be seen on the Tool Connection YouTube Channel:

Our technical/service team is on hand to help you with any problems you, or your customers may have. And the Laser Tools guarantee means what it says:

“Tools will be replaced if they are found to be defective and the company will always offer replacements or a repair if tools fail through normal use or if parts go missing”.

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