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Multi-function butane-powered soldering-iron station from Laser Tools
Tuesday 21 May 2024

Introducing the latest from Laser Tools: a multipurpose butane gas-powered tool that combines a soldering iron, hot air blower, and gas torch (part number 8807). It comes supplied in a plastic case, which acts as a mini... read more

Porsche V6 and V8 petrol engine timing tool set
Thursday 16 May 2024

Laser Tools are well-known for their extensive range of specialist engine timing tool sets and this new addition to the range (part number 8832), is designed for the post-2007 Porsche 3.6L V6 and 4.8L V8 petrol engines... read more

New trolley jack range from Laser Tools suitable for the home mechanic or professional workshop use
Tuesday 14 May 2024

Laser Tools has just introduced a brand-new range of trolley jacks that range in size from a neat (8.8 kg) unit with an impressive 2 tonne lifting capacity right up to a mighty (46 kg) example that can lift up to 4... read more

New from Power-TEC: a portable dry-vacuum dust extractor for use with both air and electric power sanders
Thursday 09 May 2024

New to the Power-TEC range of professional bodyshop tools and equipment is this portable, industrial dry-vacuum dust extractor designed to work with both pneumatic and/or electric sanding tools (part number... read more

Super-strong 1/2"-drive power bar set from Laser Tools
Tuesday 07 May 2024

Every workshop needs a good, strong, long power bar (breaker bar) that you can depend on to effortlessly loosen stubborn or corroded fixings. Here’s just the thing from Laser Tools — a new 1/2" drive power bar set,... read more

Remove difficult to access VW coolant expansion tank caps with ease, with this cap wrench from Laser Tools
Thursday 02 May 2024

Certain VW Group vehicles coolant expansion tank caps can be difficult to remove, due to restricted access on the vehicle as well as sticking seals due to the constant heating and cooling — they don’t want to budge!... read more

Comprehensive assorted wire brush set from Laser Tools
Tuesday 30 April 2024

Here’s a new “must-have” from Laser Tools — a set of 24 crimped wire brushes (part number 8862), each fitted with a 6mm shank and suitable for use with any electric or cordless drill. It includes both cup and flat-style... read more

Super-compact spark plug socket for Ducati V4
Thursday 25 April 2024

Working on the Ducati V4 engine? Tried changing the spark plugs? The plugs used on these engines are among the smallest on the market with an M12 bi-hex (12pt) body. Access to the spark plugs is very restricted which... read more

Quickly remove Knorr-Bremse trailer connectors with this three-piece connector removal tool kit
Tuesday 23 April 2024

HGV trailer connectors: you can wrestle with the electronic connectors on Knorr-Bremse EBS modules to get them apart, but you’ll very likely damage them. But not with this new trailer-connector removal tool kit from... read more