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New and fully revised 2022 Workshop Consumables Catalogue
Tuesday 28 June 2022

The brand new Connect Workshop Consumables catalogue has now arrived, and it features over 6,000 products suitable for businesses and tradesmen of all disciplines covering: Electrical, Fasteners & Fixings, Trim... read more

High-leverage pliers that reduce effort by up to 60%
Tuesday 21 June 2022

New to the Laser Tools range are these heavy duty pliers that feature a double high-leverage design which reduce effort by up to 60%. There are three different pairs in the range: side cutters (part number 8325),... read more

No-spill, no-fuss oil filling from Laser Tools
Wednesday 15 June 2022

New from Laser Tools, this rectangular oil funnel kit (part number 8028) features a screw-on spout for snug fitting as well as a tube adaptor for filling straight into the dipstick tube or hard to reach... read more

Quickly and easily remove and refit the brake shoe retaining springs on HGV drum brakes
Wednesday 08 June 2022

From the Laser Tools HGV range of specialist tools comes this S-Cam brake spring lever (part number 8056), that is specially designed to allow the operator to quickly and easily remove and refit the brake shoe retaining... read more

Axle staked nut air-chisel punch set
Tuesday 31 May 2022

New from Laser Tools is this pair of specially-shaped air-chisel punches (part number 8307) specifically designed to easily release and then re-stake crush-type axle nuts found on many vehicles. Using the punches with... read more

Electrostatic discharge service kit plus earth bonding point plug
Tuesday 24 May 2022

Two new products from Laser Tools: this portable ESD (electrostatic discharge) Service Kit (part number 8285), is for use when working on sensitive electronics without causing damage through electrostatic discharge. The... read more

Aluminium MIG welder and panel repair system
Monday 23 May 2022

This aluminium MIG and panel-repair system (part number 92545) is a fully-featured work station that incorporates an aluminium MIG welder combined with the Power-TEC aluminium repair system — all housed on a mobile... read more

Safely remove heavy EV batteries with these two new products
Tuesday 17 May 2022

Electric vehicle maintenance: modern EV Batteries are designed to be easily removed from the vehicle, for both service and/or replacement purposes.However, although they may be simple to remove in theory (ie, a few... read more

Specially-shaped drive shaft wedge tool for VW Group 09G transmissions
Tuesday 10 May 2022

Working on the VW Group 6-speed 09G automatic transmission? Need to split the drive shaft from the transmission? Then reach for the special drive shaft wedge tool (part number 8139) from Laser Tools. Manufactured in... read more