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Ford EcoBlue alternator pulley tool set
Thursday 31 March 2022

Need to remove a Ford EcoBlue alternator pulley without damage? Make sure you have this specialist alternator pulley tool set (part number 8240) from Laser Tools handy. Designed specifically for the Ford EcoBlue... read more

HGV floating brake disc hydraulic press kit
Tuesday 29 March 2022

The Laser 8145 Floating Brake Disc Hydraulic Press Kit allows the operator to quickly and easily push off the floating brake discs found on many modern HGV and commercial vehicles. The high-load short rams are designed... read more

Super-strong magnetic tool pad from Laser Tools Racing
Tuesday 22 March 2022

Magnetic tool and parts holding pads are certainly very versatile and useful — keeping the tools or components in place as you work. But wait until you try this Laser Tools Racing-branded version (part number 8275)!... read more

25 years of the Miracle System in the UK — celebrate with Power-TEC by winning back the cost of your kit!
Tuesday 22 March 2022

Great news from specialist bodyshop tool and equipment supplier Power-TEC! Their famous Miracle System was introduced into the UK 25 years ago and to celebrate this milestone, not only is the famous Miracle System... read more

Compact, precise and easy to use specialist brake pipe bending tool
Thursday 17 March 2022

This is a handy little device to keep in your toolbox — the new brake pipe bender and straightening tool from Laser Tools (part number 8253). Small, but very capable and precise — it’s a specialist automotive pipe... read more

Visit Laser Tools at Autoinform Live Dublin — the hands-on training event
Monday 14 March 2022

Laser Tools has confirmed that it will be an exhibitor at the forthcoming Autoinform Live Dublin event, held at the Royal Dublin Society venue on the 2nd and 3rd of April.The hands-on training event – funded, powered... read more

Innovative and versatile 8-size ratchet ring spanner from Laser Tools
Tuesday 08 March 2022

This new ratchet ring spanner from Laser Tools is rather different — its innovative design accommodates eight different bi-hex sizes in one spanner, from 8mm through to 19mm (part number 8143).It’s a reversible ring... read more

Remove Ford EcoBlue diesel injectors without damage with this injector extractor set
Wednesday 02 March 2022

Tried to remove an injector from the Ford EcoBlue diesel engine? Previously the EcoBlue injectors could only be removed if the fuel return connection and Piezo head were removed by breaking them off — and of course this... read more

Independent workshop looking to service and repair Electric Vehicles? Turn to Laser Tools for specialist advice and equipment.
Thursday 24 February 2022

With increasing numbers of electric vehicles on the road requiring maintenance, garage owners are keen to access this new market by offering the skills and equipment necessary to offer a full service and repair facility... read more