Tech Centre

About the Facility

The company’s Tech Centre is where research, development, product design and testing takes place for many of the tools that are produced at our manufacturing plant in Sheffield. Our facility is also used by the Tool Connection’s customers in a variety of ways, and as a conference centre, centrally located in the Midlands, it makes an ideal venue to access for training and meetings.

One of the key purposes of our Tech Centre is to facilitate training. We recognise that staying ahead in the automotive industry requires not only the right tools but also the knowledge and skills to use them effectively. With the excellent facilities, technical training on new tools and products can be explained and demonstrated to members of our sales force, giving them an understanding and firm technical knowledge of the tools that they sell. Similarly, we hold customer training sessions for introducing our new products and for identifying the correct tools for the job and how to use them efficiently and safely. Anything from diesel injector pneumatic extraction kits, to engine timing tool kits for the latest “belt in oil” petrol and diesel engines, can be demonstrated on engines and vehicles live in the Tech Centre’s workshop.

With battery-electric and hybrid-electric vehicles becoming more popular, our extensive inventory of 1000-volt safe tooling and specialist in-house designed high-voltage testing tools is constantly expanding to meet the industry's evolving needs. These tools can be showcased and demonstrated on-site, often using our unique demonstration car (also built in-house), or with a complete EV battery system brought in specially for the task. Thanks to working closely with vehicle manufacturers we are able to ensure that our technical knowledge keeps up with the times and as a result, we can consistently develop and provide the most up-to-date tools required to work on the latest vehicle systems.

Our Tech Centre is also a creative space where our product videos are conceptualised, filmed, and edited in-house. This enables us to not only showcase the capabilities of our tools but also to share our passion for innovation with our customers and end-users.