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Torque multiplier and adaptor kit for Ford 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine

The modern Ford one-litre Ecoboost engine — if you have any reason to access the front of the engine – perhaps to remove the pulley, or when repairing or servicing the timing belt or front main seal, you need to remove...
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Posted on Tuesday 11 December 2018

Remove and refit heavy HGV clutch and flywheel assemblies with ease, with this clutch & flywheel hydraulic jack

New to the Laser Tools’ HGV range is this clutch & flywheel jack (part number 7249), designed to remove, install and transport (in the lowered position) 14" and 15½" double-disc clutches and/or flywheel assemblies...
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Posted on Thursday 06 December 2018

New Torque Wrench range designed for higher torque settings.

If a nut or bolt is not tightened sufficiently it will eventually work loose and may even drop off resulting in damage or a dangerous situation. Conversely, if the nut or bolt is tightened too much, it may either strip...
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Posted on Tuesday 04 December 2018

Need to torque a fastener but not enough room to get a socket onto it?

What do you do when a fastener is buried deep in the engine bay and it has to be tightened to a specific torque figure? Because of the difficult access and tight clearance, you cannot get a socket onto it. Turn to Laser...
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Posted on Thursday 29 November 2018

Comprehensive Alternator Pulley Tool Kit

Overrunning alternator pulleys are becoming increasingly popular on many modern passenger cars and light commercial vehicles due to increased alternator loads. As opposed to traditional solid pulleys, they allow the...
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Posted on Thursday 22 November 2018

Versatile T-handle screwdriver set

This is a useful set from Laser Tools: a versatile T-handle screwdriver (part number 7284) with ten double-ended bits and a spinner sleeve for fast fastener rotation.The T-handle can be slid to one side for high torque...
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Posted on Monday 19 November 2018

Super thin-walled spark plug socket set

As modern petrol engines get smaller in capacity, they also get physically smaller as well. These tight dimensions and clearances mean that the (smaller) spark plugs are deeply recessed and you will invariably find that...
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Posted on Tuesday 13 November 2018

Easy oil changes in the commercial vehicle workshop with this new low-profile truck oil drain unit

This is a terrific timesaver in the HGV and commercial vehicle workshop: the new low-profile truck oil drain unit from Laser Tools (part number 7228). It is a fully portable, very low-profile oil drainage unit,...
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Posted on Thursday 08 November 2018

Need to access really small nuts and bolts? Turn to Laser Tools

There are many instances when you need to undo a really small nut or bolt — automotive applications include securing electrical connectors, carburettor linkages and adjusters, speaker mountings, etc, and small fasteners...
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Posted on Tuesday 06 November 2018

Comprehensive Socket & Bit Adaptor Set

You’ve got a small fastener that’s got a high torque requirement, so you need a stronger driver than the standard 1/4". A 3/8" drive ratchet will fit the bill but you’ve only got a 1/4" drive socket in the correct size...
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Posted on Tuesday 30 October 2018
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