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Use your impact gun in these inaccessible areas with this new swivel impact adaptor

Underneath the car, need to get the job done quickly, the fasteners are likely to be corroded, so you naturally reach for your trusty impact gun. But what if access is limited, you can't get a socket near the fastener?...
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Posted on Tuesday 30 July 2019

New from Kamasa Tools: this amazingly comprehensive precision screwdriver and accessory set

If ever the term “really useful” could be applied to a precision screwdriver set, then this is the one! This 108-piece set from Kamasa Tools (part number 56121) is so much more than just a screwdriver set.Being a...
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Posted on Thursday 25 July 2019

An innovative new air duster blow gun from Laser Tools — designed for HGV cabs

HGV drivers take a pride in their trucks and particularly in the cab, where they spend most of their working life. But trucks can work in dusty environments and sometimes a vacuum cleaner cannot remove all the dust and...
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Posted on Thursday 18 July 2019

Laser Tools Racing driver Aiden Moffat changes to a newly developed Infiniti Q50

Laser Tools Racing driver Aiden Moffat will swap from a Mercedes-Benz A-Class to a newly developed Infiniti Q50 for the remainder of the British Touring Car Championship season.Laser Tools Racing has just made the shock...
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Posted on Friday 12 July 2019

Quickly check multi V-belt pulley alignment with this new pulley alignment tool

Multi V-belts are commonly used on the auxiliary drive systems on modern motor vehicles. It is important to ensure that all the pulleys are correctly aligned, to avoid premature belt wear and ensure maximum belt life...
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Posted on Wednesday 03 July 2019

New external deburr & chamfer tool is specifically designed to repair the edge of damaged bolts, studs and pipes.

In a busy workshop there are numerous instances of threads getting damaged: whacking a track rod end with a hammer; cutting a bolt or threaded rod; whacking a driveshaft out of a hub — the threaded ends get torn and...
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Posted on Tuesday 25 June 2019

Difficult to access hose clamps? Try these new specialist hose clamp pliers.

Hose clamps can be difficult to get to, especially if they’re located right down at the bottom of the engine bay where access is difficult. Reach for these new double-jointed hose clamp pliers from Laser Tools (part...
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Posted on Wednesday 19 June 2019

Cannot remove that rounded-off nut or bolt? Reach for the new Damaged Nut/Bolt Extractor set.

The “rounded-off” nut or bolt is the scourge of the mechanical workshop. Particularly on exhaust components, a corroded and seized nut or bolt defies all attempts to remove it, and if using a spanner or ill-fitting...
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Posted on Tuesday 11 June 2019

New impact driver from Laser Tools protects your hand and can be used with an air hammer

For a seized fastener, especially if it’s countersunk, the traditional remedy has been the impact driver. But you have to be careful using a traditional impact driver, every technician knows it’s easy to injure your...
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Posted on Thursday 06 June 2019

New and fully revised 2019 Workshop Consumables Catalogue from Connect Workshop Consumables

Connect Workshop Consumables have just published their 2019 catalogue which is fully updated with over a thousand of new lines and offers a truly comprehensive range suitable for businesses and tradesmen of all...
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Posted on Tuesday 04 June 2019
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