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Useful diamond-tipped engraver that is USB powered

Ideal for tradesmen and home hobbyists, this USB-powered hand engraver (part number 7014) features a diamond tip that rotates at 14-16,000 RPM.The engraver is conveniently powered via a USB source — that can be a...
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Posted on Tuesday 17 April 2018

Get to these difficult to access gearbox oil and brake fluid fillers with this super-flexible funnel

Motorcycle owners — you know the routine — remove the seat, remove the side panel, the gearbox filler cap is in there somewhere? Well if you can see it you can probably get to it with this flexible, narrow-necked funnel...
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Posted on Thursday 12 April 2018

Super-flexible magnetic pick-up tool is so narrow it can retrieve debris from a diesel glow-plug aperture!

This super-flexible magnetic pick-up tool from Laser Tools (part number 7026) has a useful 300 mm length, but features a very narrow shaft diameter of just 4 mm, which makes it ideal for retrieving those metal nuts,...
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Posted on Tuesday 10 April 2018

Soda blasting — the environmentally friendly, chemical-free, cleaning process that does not damage the substrate

Soda Blasting is an environmentally friendly, chemical-free, cleaning process using specially formulated granules of bicarbonate of soda and controlled amounts of compressed air. This soda blasting pistol from Laser...
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Posted on Friday 06 April 2018

HGV crank rotators for Iveco Eurocargo, EuroStar and Eurotech models

Part of Laser Tools’ ever expanding HGV range, this crankshaft rotator is designed to fit via the ring gear and the tool’s double gearing enables easy turning of the crankshaft for service and repair.Part number 7006 is...
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Posted on Wednesday 04 April 2018

Rusty and corroded parts? Sometimes you need a little extra persuasion

Locking vice-grip pliers are always useful but sometimes you just need a little bit extra persuasion, especially with rusty and corroded parts. These new locking pliers from Laser tools (part number 7005) have a...
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Posted on Wednesday 28 March 2018

Struggling to separate seized and corroded twin wheels on HGV and LGVs? Laser Tools has the solution.

A familiar problem in the HGV or LGV workshop: twin wheels stuck together due to corrosion and dirt contamination. This new twin wheel separator set from Laser Tools (part number 6914) offers a speedy solution to the...
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Posted on Tuesday 20 March 2018

Crimp non-insulated tube terminals on automotive battery cables with ease.

If you've been looking for a hand-held battery terminal crimper that will crimp non-insulated tube terminals on automotive battery cables with ease, then look no further than the battery terminal crimping tool (part...
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Posted on Friday 16 March 2018

Super-sized soft-face dead-blow hammer makes light work of seized-on wheels

This new soft-faced dead blow hammer from Laser Tools (part number 7011) has a multitude of uses, but its size and weight make it ideal for use when trying to remove road wheels that are seized solid to the hub through...
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Posted on Tuesday 13 March 2018

New range of ultra-thin open ended spanners

This new range of ultra-thin open-ended spanners from Laser Tools offers ten beautifully balanced and finished spanners that are manufactured from strong chrome vanadium and are ideal when space is restricted and there...
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Posted on Wednesday 07 March 2018
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