Covid 19 Policy

Businesses worldwide are currently dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). The management of this issue is complex and requires a robust approach to be taken to reduce the impact on staff, services to our customers and our working relationships with third parties. As part of our business continuity planning processes, The Tool Connection has initiated a Covid-19 plan to address the risks associated with this issue. We appreciate that all companies will have their own Covid-19 approaches which we will, where possible, support and take into consideration during this ever-changing and challenging time. Tool Connection will continue to monitor information provided by relevant authoritative bodies daily, adapting risk policies and plans as necessary. Risk assessments and scenario planning will continue to be reviewed based on the ongoing developments across the UK and elsewhere.

  1. Planning and implementation

    The Tool Connection has established an executive steering group to manage the company’s approach to Covid-19. This group, together with the company directors, have prepared a phased plan for the company to follow to ensure business continuity so far as possible in view of Covid-19 developments. This plan is currently being executed, with the team taking responsibility for continuing to review latest Covid-19 information and implementing, via the company directors, changes as required.

  2. Health & safety

    Managing the health and safety of our staff, customers, suppliers and business partners is of utmost importance to the company. Accordingly, following advice provided by authoritative bodies such as Public Health England and the NHS the company have implemented a robust approach to risk management and adopted several precautionary measures to protect so far as is reasonably practicable, the health of everyone using our site and also of those we come into contact with.

    Some of the measures taken include the following:

    • Briefing all staff on the latest medical and government advice and recommendations for managing exposure to Covid-19 and continuing to communicate with staff regarding latest developments.
    • Increased provision of hand sanitisers and cleaning products on site with appropriate signs placed in key places to encourage recommended hygiene practices.
    • Cancelling any non-essential meetings, training courses and travel.
    • Managing social distancing and interaction with others on site.
    • Equipping all mobile units and mobile workers with sanitising products and wipes for the tools and equipment together with issuing updated safe systems of working regarding housekeeping, more regular cleaning and managing interaction with customers and suppliers safely.
    • Strict adherence to Government advice regarding self-isolation and safety precautions.
    • Increased cleaning across site with more time spent cleaning key communal areas and structured deep cleans.
    • Reduced requirement for mobile workers, homeworkers and visitors to attend site and increasing flexible working and video conferencing.
    • Written Covid-19 risk assessment to identify possible threats and hazards to staff, business partners and customers and to reduce the impact of these as far as possible.
  3. Business Continuity

    Currently there are no concerns within the business and we continue to operate as usual. However, we have implemented a phased contingency plan to ensure business continuity as far as possible whilst the Coronavirus situation evolves. Any action taken to date forms part of our risk management strategy, the purpose of which is to prevent, reduce or control risks identified and prevent severe disruption.

    Key measures within this contingency plan include:

    • prioritising essential business processes and developing plans to ensure continuity of these functions in the event of reduced staff.
    • Increasing remote working and readily testing offsite access to key software.
    • Cross skilling staff to fill gaps in key business functions.
    • Working with customers and suppliers to manage workflow as the effects of Covid-19 develop.
    • Testing key components of the contingency plan escalation process to ensure a smooth transition in the event they need to be enacted.
    • Recognising key trigger points for the invocation of further actions and controls as the issue develops.

In view of the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and the rapidity of developments we will be continually reviewing company polices, practices and procedures and this policy will therefore evolve in line with this.

If you require any further information or assistance please either get in touch us via your company contact or via info@ or 01926 815 000 and we will do our best to help.

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